Photography Courses by Kevin Whibley

Courses from the novice to the experienced photographer

Having worked as a photographer for over 25 years Kevin has a wealth of experience to share. The resulting effect is Kevin is now offering photography tuition for both Digital and Film Camera users.

What is a Megapixel?

What is ISO and ASA?

What is shutter speed?

What is aperture?

How do shutter speeds and apertures relate?

How to I choose the correct exposure?

Exposure correction Picking the right exposure Balancing lighting Getting exposure right

What is white Balance?

Getting white balance correct Why are my photos blue?

What is the difference between Raw and Jpeg?

What do A, S, M and P mean?

How do I balance my light in difficult situations?


When is the best time for using zoom lenses?

Using zoom lenses

Why do Facebook photos print out badly?

How do I get my children to look at the camera?

Engaging with your subjects

How do I ensure I don't miss those one off moments?

Family Moments

Why do I get Red Eye?

Why do my pets have White Eye?

What is depth of field?
Depth of Field Blurring the background

With so many questions Kevin has decided that every course should be designed specific to an individuals needs. The result is one to one tuition giving you a wealth of information at a pace and level that is perfect for you.

Each session is one hour in length, we then suggest you have a couple of weeks to go and try out what you have learned and then book another session when you're ready. Kevin will then look through your work with you and guide you on to the next stage. Compared to what people spend on their cameras these courses are fantastic value for money.

Most sessions are held in our studio in Fleet, however you can also opt to have a location session locally if required, there is a small charge of an extra £10 per session for this.

You can either book one hour sessions as you go, or if you wish to take advantage of our discounts you can book a number of sessions in advance.
Sessions are aimed at one person, additional people can be brought along for £10 per session, maximum of five people per session.

We reserve the right to change booked session times at any point in the event that Kevin becomes unavailable.

Number of one hour sessions Tue to Fri
9:00 am to 4:00pm
Tue to Fri
5:00pm to 6:00pm
Tue to Thur
6:00pm to 8:00pm
One £50 £60 £70
Two £90 £110 £130
Three £120 £150 £180

Extra people in each session are £10 each but an extra 10 to 15 mins per extra person will be given.

We appreciate that there are longer courses available for less money, however in a one to one session we can teach you more in an hour than you could ever imagine, and we can also ensure that all the information is relevant to you.

To book a course or to buy a voucher for a number of sessions either as a gift or for yourself please contact us.

Sessions are booked through Godalming Photography, however payments should be made directly to Kevin by cheque or cash.

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